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The Story of Supernovas

In a month, my new EP will be released!!! I’m always excited for a new music release, but I’m especially excited for this one!

When I’m working on an album, I write a lot of songs. Some of them end up on a full-length album. Others are left for another release. Others sit on my hard drive only to be unearthed years later.

As I was working on Never Enough Flowers, I started writing other songs that I knew wouldn’t fit in with the overall theme on that album. They were something completely new and different, especially thematically.

In 2020, two personal relationships came to an end. They were ones that I could see the end of, but they still impacted me nonetheless. Of course, or I wouldn’t have written songs to work my way out! I won’t go into the nitty gritty of them because that’s not for me to do.

To say it was a chaotic time in my life would be an understatement. 2020 was already a weird year. I was scared to go to the grocery store even with a mask on. My favorite open mic nights no longer existed because everything shut down. No one could go to the movies, the mall, anywhere. Everywhere was closed.

Meanwhile, one relationship was ending as another one began. Though I was still dealing with the fallout from the first one, I went way too quickly into another. Promises of forever after only two weeks. Not a good way to start. You can’t know someone like that so early on.

I was already trying to put myself back together when the second breakup happened. Then when the second relationship ended, I realized I would have to step away for a while and figure myself out. In the dust of what had happened, it was up to me to figure out where it went wrong, what to do with myself, what I could do for the future, and most of all, what I’d learned from those experiences.

I thought of the title Supernovas almost instantly as I was putting these EP track lists together. Stars exploding but then turning into new planets and stars. That’s what I felt like I had to do. I had to pick up the pieces of those relationships that had exploded all over my life and make something new from them.

These songs guided me out of that dark place and gave me the strength I needed.

I found my way out with music.

This EP chronicles that time of figuring myself out and how to make something good out of something ending. Though I wrote these songs during the Never Enough Flowers era, they have their own sound and wouldn’t have fit on that album at all! As I worked my way through the pain, I feel like I became stronger and more myself. I realized my own resilience.

These are four of the best songs I’ve ever written and I couldn’t be prouder.

And it’s just getting started. There are several other EPs where this one came from.

But that will be for another time.

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