Never Enough Flowers Available Now!!

Cecilee's latest album Never Enough Flowers is now available on all streaming platforms and on CD!

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Water on Glass

First single from Never Enough Flowers available now!

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About Cecilee

For fans of Charlotte Martin, Christine and the Queens, Sarah MacLachlan, Regina Spektor

Cecilee’s most recent album, Never Enough Flowers, is her most emotional and personal album yet. Cecilee has spent more than three years working on this album, and most of that time working with her voice teacher, recording artist Charlotte Martin. In this time, Cecilee has dealt with depression, anxiety, divorce, moving to a new state, and figuring out who she really is.

The album is full of emotional moments inspired by the last three years of her life. The touching and emotional Water on Glass is a tale of unrequited love. A Smile Like That is an upbeat song about new love. The Heart of the Night is about unleashing what you’ve always kept hidden and not being afraid anymore of being who you really are. 

The title track was inspired by two women embracing at a concert. This song became the focal point and title of this album because of its main idea: there aren’t enough people in this world who are unafraid to truly be themselves and figure out who they really are.

Anyone who enjoys thoughtful, heartfelt piano-driven music with some electronic twists, will enjoy what Cecilee has to offer!

Never Enough Flowers is now available on all streaming platforms and on CD. Currently, Cecilee is a regular performer on her Twitch channel, with plans to perform locally and regionally in 2022.



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